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The history of Annliz Cup SuperElit

Annliz Cup SuperElit was started in 2013 as a way to create high quality pre seasonal matches for top teams in Sweden. The name “Annliz Cup” comes from Annliz Frisk, a person who contributed to Skövde HF for decades, who past away in 2012. After some years the tournament stated the phrase "where the best teams meats the best".

In 2019, with a new management and a new highly dedicated head coach invitations to top international teams became successful. The tournament moved to the old (built 1946] Idrottshallen and an event area was built up close to the handball court. Handball was mixed with other activities on the event area. A new concept was created which is the frame for 2020.

Annliz Cup 2020

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2021-08-27 — 2021-08-29
16 år, senior
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